The "stuck in the past" point is an excellent one. Of course nobody should be completely dominated by the past, but remembering it is important, and allowing it to inform one's worldview is quite valid.

(The extent to which it does that is the important question, but I don't see that on the big scale, Black people over-emphasise the past any more than any other group. Of course a few do, and many don't.)

As a slight quibble, I'd suggest the limitations on "freedom of recovery" go far beyond black people, though - perhaps because of the ease of access to information nowadays, past sins (real or imagined) are dragged up for *everyone*.

If it happens more to Black people that's probably a result of a general trend being applied with even greater harshness to that group - rather than "freedom of recovery" being specifically a Black issue, if you see what I mean.

This isn't nitpicking, I think your point is generally right, I just wanted to expand on it a little.

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